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Page 4 - Press for Innerglo

It's Officially Bath Time...

                                                                  Read their brief review of the latest                                                                               products for the perfect bath in their                                                                             November '04 issue at

                                                                  Balms that are the Bomb!
                                                                  Innerglo home spa products' Creamiest                                                                        Shea Butter lip balm is listed in their                                                                              Valentine/Anniversary February 2005                                                                           edition.
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Press for Jypsea, the newest
offering from Innerglo founder
Terina Mckinney

Right: Cover of April 2003 issue of
Upscale Magazine

Below: Upscale Magazine featuring
Terina Mckinney with her line of
leathergoods -Jypsea by Meca
I-Asia--in April 2003 issue of Upscale